I spent the last 15 years, give or take, in academia. Most recently, I was a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Maryland (between 2017 and 2022).

Prior to that, I spent about 10 years working as a software developer.

As of summer 2022, I have decided to leave academia. In brief, linguistics departments at North American universities have all but abandoned the kind of academic research that I used to find most interesting – namely, theoretical syntax – and now carry on this pursuit in name only. (The linguistics department at the University of Maryland was, it’s worth noting, an exception to this trend. But one department at a state-funded university cannot, on its own, reverse national and international trends. And the results are evident.) It was therefore time to move on.

I’m not entirely sure about what the next chapter will be. It might have something to do with my previous career in software, and it might not. It might be related to language, and it might not. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in stuff I produced while in academia, you can still access my old academic homepage, or check out the links under “academia” in the navbar above.