Howdy, world.

Hi there! My name is Omer. (It rhymes with “Homer”.)

I’m a software engineer.

I work at, helping build & maintain the identity layer of the internet.

I’ve had a rather unorthodox career path. I got my first software development job straight out of high school, and worked as a software engineer from the mid-1990s until the mid-2000s. I then spent about 15 years as an academic linguist, while continuing to nurture my techie skillset on the side. In 2022, I decided to resign my tenured position as a professor of linguistics and return to software engineering.

Between leaving academia and joining, I worked at Sylabs Inc., developing & maintaining the SingularityCE containerization platform. My contributions to SingularityCE are open-source, and can be viewed here.Mastodon

Some other things:

If you’re interested in stuff I produced in academia, try my old academic homepage (but please note that it is not actively maintained).

Recent blog posts:

An inverse 'defer' pattern in Go

The Go programming language provides a defer keyword, which registers a statement to be executed after the current function returns. This is useful for a variety of purposes, including situations where you are performing a task that involves multiple setup steps, and you want to gracefully tear down what you... [Read More]

A note on good fortune

(This post was written & published on April 1st, but no, it’s not some April Fools thing, it’s 100% sincere. I’m not gonna wait to publish it tomorrow or something just because today happens to be Annual Prank Day.) [Read More]
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